from India

Dear loving Kazu san Yoko san and Rio

All the Sakthi members remain in union with you all.

Convey our special prayerful wishes to Hide san,Hiromi san

and one more son and his wife.

We are having a special prayer this evening.

When is the buriel taking place.

When I think of our trip to Japan, Yamada san is full of it.

I am happy and thank God for the chance given to meet her and

be with her and experience her love and concern for Sakthi.

Convey our deep condolences to Komotsu san too.

With love,


My dear Kazu san,

For the past few days I was in my farm, could not receive any of the phone calls.

Today I was shocked to receive the news throu your E mail contains the sad demise of Yamada San.

What a lady she is ….What a lovely soul… My dear Kazu san, first time in my life, I am crying for a death.. still crying…not knowing how to stop, still crying..

I still hear the voice of Yamada San who always called from the bottom of her heart “My son… My son..”… I still feel the warmth of her hands who hold my hand tight, expressing her love and affection.

That was a rainy day… I took her in her wheel chair to her home… She was unable to climb on the steps of her home… what a painful suffering it was… I was very much moved and wept. I was cursing God and I was questioning God, ” Why… Why..Why you are giving such an untolerable pain and incurable disease to this good soul..?” There was no answer.

But now I realise That God wants to free the soul and took her to the heaven. She has become an angel.. She has become one of the shining stars in the sky…Her Love towards mankind, and her spiritual strength she will be a guiding star.. she is a beautiful angel..she is ONE in the million…

I am crying as if I have lost my mother.. I am crying as if I have lost my daughter.. I am at the edge of a painful experience.. Is there no death for death…?

I can’t do anything.. except recollecting the memories of Yamada San..

She is in my feelings.. She is in my veins..She is there in my heart.. she will be there forever. Till the end of my life Her spiritual strength and cheery spirits will guide me.

I express my deep condolences to my brother Hide san and sister Hiromi san. I would like to be with them to console them.

Please express my deep condolences to Komatsu san too.

With tears


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